About Us

Mission Statement

To foster the growth and development of young children in a developmentally appropriate and Christ centered environment.

“Children are our treasure, and we must take care of them.” — Matthew 7:9-11


It is our belief that the first five years of a child’s life are the most important years and therefore, it is essential for a child to have a safe, secure and positive environment.

fpage_sportsMiramar United Methodist Preschool strives to offer the community a program which encompasses the highest standards in early care and education within a Christian environment of love and support. The preschool program includes children from 1 year through 7 years old and offers the child a natural step from home to preschool.

Throughout the preschool, emphasis is placed on the growth and development of the whole child. This includes the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social and physical aspects of the child. The Preschool exists to help the child grow in all of these areas.

Recognizing the fact that children grow and develop at different rates, learning activities appropriate for the children’s developmental level are provided.

The Christian family is the basic framework through which the child learns early socialization and cognitive skills, and the preschool, in cooperation with the family, will strive to offer a continuation of the educational and socialization processes.

Our Goals

The primary goal of the preschool is to provide a warm and supportive atmosphere wherein children can develop those skills appropriate to their developmental level. More specifically, program goals include assisting the child in the development of:

  • Expressive and receptive language skills
  • Sensory-perceptual skills, especially visual and auditory
  • Reasoning skills or the ability to use prior bits of knowledge or learning to solve new problems.
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Interpersonal skills necessary for effective interaction with others
  • Intrapersonal skills necessary for personal autonomy

The above are developed through various content areas and activities enjoyable to the children. Recognizing the interdependence of these skills, the classification serves as a guide for assessment and planning.