June 2016


Curriculum Connections

  • Our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Gallery is today 6/1 from 3:30– 5:30 in the classrooms. Please join us for this event and be prepared to be lead by the children as they are hosting this event. The children will show you their classroom display, share what they have learned, ask questions and will also be prepared to answer your questions.

Parents Focus Group Space

  • We are organizing a Circle of Parents Group, a space where you can talk about raising up your child with other parents, get support and learn from experts. Our first meeting will be Thursday 6/16 at 6:00pm.
  • A special thank you to our Parents Focus Group for their continued hard work supporting all the preschool ac- tivities during this school year. In a very special way we want to say fare- well to Ms. Anoush M., Mr. Jeffrey M., Ms. Lourdemy G., and Ms. Jennifer R. You will be missed.

Teacher’s Corner

  • The Promotion Ceremony is 6/9 at 8:30am. Children must be ready to line up at 8:15am. Attire is formal or parent’s choice. Colors are red, white and black.
  • Waterslide Bounce House and picnic after the ceremony to celebrate Brooklyn’s S. (3 yr old girl) birthday. Please bring a gift if you can. All children must bring a change of clothes, swim wear, water shoes and a towel in a bag labeled.

VPK Spotlight

  • Graduation is 6/9 at 6:30pm. Children must be picked-up no later than 3:00pm and be back at 6:30pm.
  • Please purchase you graduation pic- tures from the office.
  • At the Graduation Ceremony you will be receiving a tote bag. Inside you will find your child’s diploma, award cer- tificates and a summer learning pack- et to help your child retain what they have learned.