Our Programs

We use the Creative Curriculum (a developmentally approved curriculum by the Early Learning Coalition). The Creative Curriculum promotes critical thinking skills, wherefore there is a question for each day.  The Creative Curriculum brings study units such as Beginning of the Year; Clothes; Buildings; Balls; Trees; Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle; Rocks, Ants, and Flowers. Every study is embedded with math, science, arts, language, and technology. Parents are encouraged to visit the facility and participate in the activities of each study unit by making presentations.

Toddlers and Two Year Olds

The early years of development are the most important. At MUMPS we provide the right environment for your child to develop into a successful adult. Classrooms are limited in size, and as a result, your child will receive the most personalized care. We provide potty-training in our two-year old classroom.

Three Years Olds and Voluntary PreKindergarden (VPK)

A child’s ability to be attentive and follow directions occurs in the early years. A structured start creates the skills for later success in school and life. Children who participate in quality education programs, like those provided at our preschool, establish better social skills and are better prepared for Kindergarten.

We strive to help our three and four year old children to learn their first and last names, letter recognition, letter sounds, rhyming words, shapes, counting, identifying numbers, and much more.

Homework Program

Our children receive daily homework for each study unit, but it is not mandatory. Its intended purpose is to promote quality time at home between parents and their children. We encourage each family member to participate, by reviewing with the child, concepts taught in the classroom.Playground

Enrichment Program

Our preschoolers are afforded the opportunity to join in extracurricular activities, such as Spanish, Soccer, and Dance Combo. These programs may vary from school year to school year so please contact the preschool administrator for more details.